Happiness is a meat and potato pie

Happiness can come in many forms. Getting an extra half an hour in bed, catching up with an old friend, going on holiday, time spent with family. It can be found in both the smallest of events and in life changing situations. For me, happiness is being sat in my front room with my better half; open fire blazing with something along the lines of Orange is the New Black or Modern Family on the telly (Amongst other, less couch potato-y things).

Sometimes happiness can come in unexpected forms. One of the things I love about being a life coach is that it’s a two-way street. During a session it’s not just the client who’s learning, I am too. I’m constantly discovering new things about myself, the people around me and my view of the world, just from sharing an hour or two with someone and coaching them.

During a recent session I had a client who wanted to feel more positive and happy in her life. We’d spent some time reminiscing about loved ones that she missed and how that affected her. I asked her how she could physically  get some happy memories out so that she wasn’t just ‘remembering’ but ‘experiencing’ them again. I was expecting her to say something like, “I could write it down” or “I could frame some photos”.

What I got was meat and potato pie.

Completely unexpected and out of the blue. She began describing how her Grandmother used to make a meat and potato pie when she was younger. She’d sit and watch and sometimes help, she told me about the smell and the taste. I could tell that she was reliving that memory just by sharing it with me and her mood immediately started to improve. She said that she wanted to make her Grandmother’s meat and potato pie and remember her. It was something she could do with her daughter and make some new memories. Actually going through the process of cooking that pie was going to bring her happiness from a place of real sentimentality. I felt privileged to have been part of the process of her figuring out how something so small could make her feel so much better, even if it was just short term.

That particular coaching session was all about my client finding small ways to start making herself feel happier. It was something small but it was a start, which is just what she wanted.

Coaching can help make small steps into big steps and help you remember to do little things that make you happy. Like making meat and potato pie.

What are the little things in life that make you happy? Are you doing enough of them? If not then take a step forward! It might just be the best thing you do today.