A is for Achievement

I had a fantastic coaching session the other day (yes, coaches need coaching too!) with my lovely friend and fellow coach, Emma Case.

Emma and I trained together last year with the UK Coaching Partnership and so we have shared a similar journey into the world of being a professional life coach. We talked about seeking perfection (see my former blog), feeling overwhelmed and our secret fear of tainting a new, pristine notebook with our scrawling handwriting.

We took a look at what I needed to do in order to move myself forward, set some goals and made an action plan that I was raring to get started with.

As well as all of that I wanted to spend some time focusing on what I’d achieved so far. It’s so easy to get caught up in how much needs doing and how far away from the end goal we feel that we can forget how far we’ve come. I know that I can be my own worst critic and judge myself too harshly at times. I also have a history of being an ostrich when I feel overwhelmed. So I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about all the bloody brilliant things I’d achieved over the last few months. I’ve earned it, right?!

When was the last time you thought about how much you’d done over the last year?

When I actually sat back and thought about it I realised that I’d come on leaps and bounds over the past twelve months. I’ve gained a distinction level Diploma in Life Coaching, set up a website, designed company branding (both with the help of my wonderful friend, Adrian), and begun coaching clients. I help people overcome their own obstacles and move towards a life they love.

I’ve created something from nothing.

And I’ve done it all whilst holding down a full time job! When you put it all together I’ve got a bad-ass list of things that I’ve done, some of which I wondered if I’d ever be able to manage.

Emma made the excellent suggestion of writing all of these achievements down somewhere I can see them (perhaps in the nice new notebook I daren’t write in?) so that I could fully visualise how far I’ve come.

The result was powerful.

So again, I ask you this,

When was the last time you thought about your achievements?

Do it now. If you can, write it down. Everything you’ve achieved, no matter how small. It all adds up to the bigger picture and you’ll be amazed with just how much you’ve done.

Looking forwards is massively important, of course. But don’t forget to reflect on the journey you’ve had so far to see how far you’ve come.

Every little achievement deserves to be celebrated, whether it’s losing weight, committing to going to the gym, voicing your opinion at work or getting recognition for something you’ve created.

It’s all brilliant so be sure to recognise it!

Now, where’s my celebratory glass of wine…..