Our Hot Crush... YOU KNOW WHO!

We need to talk.

It’s a bit of a saucy subject...


You see, there’s this girl we’ve all been crushing on.

Quite a bit, to be honest.


Yep - we’ve all been scoping her out.

YOU AS WELL - not just us gays!!! Ha!

We all think about her a LOT. <3


Here’s what we love about her:


She’s really got her shit together.

Even when she doesn’t, she doesn’t worry about it.

Because in terms of the bigger picture, she truly knows what she wants.

And she knows that she’ll get it... because she believes she can!


Day-to-day, she doesn’t let things like fear, judgement or comparison hold her back.

Even when she’s totally bricking it, she jumps in and figures it out as she goes - she usually nails it, too (jammy bugger).

Somehow this feel-the-fear-anyway approach tends to turn out better than expected…

Almost always.


She feels good, in herself. Comfy in her own skin.

She trusts herself and knows she’ll be alright.

It’s a confidence thing, although she isn’t always obvious with it.

It’s just who she is.


She attracts adventure and opportunity… they seem to just fall into her lap.

She makes decisions with intention and confidence.

She steps up and says YES.

She invests in herself on every level.

She feels in control and totally at ease.


She spends her days doing things she really wants to do, rather than feeling ‘washed along’ in meeting expectations.

She’s surrounded by the best people who love her, inspire her and totally have her back.

She’s simultaneously at peace and brimming with vibrant energy.

She laughs a lot.


She loves who she is.

And we all love her, too.


She is you.

She is us.


We can all be her. So let’s start now.


If you feel like she’s miles away right now, you aren’t alone. Are you missing her? Does she feel out of reach?

If you’re done with waiting to become the ‘you’ you really are, we are inviting you to step up and say YES.

You’re invited to claim your spot at our FREE upcoming ‘Live Beyond Your Comfort Zones’ workshop on Sat 25th Feb.


The ONLY snag:

Seats are limited. Gah!


Book here asap to avoid disappointment - especially if you feel in your gut that one of these seats has your name on it! Don’t give someone else YOUR seat!!


We can’t wait to see you.

Jen & Lydia xx


If you can’t make it: Get obsessed with her.

Too much to start with?

Then obsess over getting obsessed!

You are her; she is you.

We can all be her, so let’s start now.


Being our best selves is something we are entitled to be.


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