5 Top Confidence 'HACKS'

From body image to mindset, or assertiveness to identity... there are certain areas many of us share when it comes to our confidence taking a hit.

And if we’re feeling self-conscious of something, this can have a real impact on our already-dwindling confidence supplies.

The good news isthere is always something that can be done. The key is is finding out what works for you, and being willing and open to try.

Here are 5 of our favourite confidence ‘hacks’:


1: Be Your Own Alter-Ego

 This is our favourite tip, because it comes down to honing in on the truest version of YOU… just as you are!

Think of a time when you’ve felt most alive, at ease, or even sexy… and focus in on it (almost as if you’re back in that very moment). Write it down… Heck, put it in your pocket, too.

When you feel your confidence taking a wobble, try channelling the memory of that feeling into your presence; the way you move, the ease in which you wear yourself. You are still that woman - so set your intentions on choosing to be ‘her’ in the moment.


2: Adapt Your Mindset 

Make the decision in advance that you’re going to command the room, or the situation at hand. Rather than dread being noticed, spin your approach - and concentrate on theimpact you’d like to have, instead.

This is about focusing on what you’d like to give, so consider this: Which of your fabulous qualities would you like to share?

Your kindness? Your wicked sense of humour? Your talent for noticing the tiny details? Your organisational superpowers?

Remind yourself that you are always in control of how the situation ‘feels’ to you; and this starts with preparing your mindset in advance.


3: Fake It To Become It

Borrow confidence. In fact, just pilfer it and keep it. This is is the epitome of ‘fake it to make it’, because the more you do it - the more you truly believe it!


We totally crush on Serena Williams each year at Wimbledon. #notsorry.

We love the way she commands attention, her physical strength effortlessly speaking for her. She celebrates her own presence even in the face of critical morons who can’t cope with her power; with her individuality - but we'd challenge anyone to feel like a shrinking violet whilst channeling her energy.

Slipping into the persona of someone you idolise helps tap into more confident sides of yourself that already exist - and it’s available on demand, using a little imagination.

(Jen: I would also recommend Geri Halliwell for Ginger Spice sass. I love her.).


4: Own What’s Yours

Simply remember this: You are bloody well entitled to the space around you.

You are entitled to fill it up with body, energy and voice; to use it, and to enjoy it.

There isn’t a rule which makes you unwelcome within your own space unless you allow it to be there - so practice using up as much of it as you can, and enjoy yourself as much as possible.


5: Stand Tall and Smile

Hands up if you’ve ever tried to appear ‘smaller’?

Same here.

Dr Amy Cuddy explains, far better than we can, how we can utilise (and trick!) our bodies and minds into coming across as more powerful, confident beings - simply by striking ‘Power Pose’ for as little as 2 minutes each day. Check out her TED talk here.

Secondly, it’s worth remembering:

When we anxiously anticipate a situation, it can be very easy to frown, chew our fingernails, or stare into space wishing to be sucked through a vortex into another world.

Instead of physically endorsing stressful ideas through these kinds of behaviours… try sticking a big, happy grin on your face.

SURE - this feels hella weird.

But you’ll soon find it’s pretty hard work keeping negative thoughts going whilst you’re smiling away. Instead, you’ll naturally feel more inclined to welcome thoughts of possibility and positivity - setting you up for a more confident and pleasant experience overall.

Try catching yourself in the moment, and have a go for yourself!

Good luck - and have fun!

Jen & Lydia xx