Three Cheers for Oxford!

So, did you watch the boat race?! We were glued to the screen!

Congratulations of course go to the Oxford team who got a well deserved win.

Image via Reuters

Image via Reuters

The conditions were hellish, the water was choppy, the waves were pushing water into the boats...we were definitely glad to be sat in the comfort of our own home, watching it with a cup of tea and a chunk of Easter egg.

But kudos must go the the Cambridge team. At one point there was so much water in the boat that the pumps couldn't cope. The Umpire raised the red flag signalling for them to stop...but they kept going. They dug deep and found the final drive they needed in order to finish the race, even though they knew they had been defeated.

Picture via Reuters

Picture via Reuters

It was an amazing and emotional feat to watch. 

It made us wonder...where the heck does that inner drive and determination come from?

Let's consider how tempting it could have been to give up. They were sinking, exhausted, and they'd already been given official permission to stop... so what is it that made them keep going? 

One of the commentators highlighted that pride will have been key in keeping the team pushing on towards the finish line... but we wanted to celebrate all of the values these women applied to their final achievement. 

Tenacity. Hope. Determination. Resilience. Visualisation. Willpower. Teamwork. Commitment. Dedication. Self-belief. 

And it was a stark reminder that each of us has these qualities within us. 

Cambridge demonstrated every single one of these traits in spades today, even though viewers and fans would have forgiven them instantly for retiring gracefully.

Today, Cambridge demonstrated that sometimes we have a choice about who, in the harshest of conditions, we want to be.

So our question to you, from the dry and warm comfort of our couch, is this:

How can we harness the strength and courage to push on, even if we know that the end result may be bittersweet?

Because either way, it is down to us to decide how we finish which counts the most...

Wishing you all a cosy and comforting Bank Holiday weekend,

Jen & Lydia

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