Being a Positive Creator

I’m a pretty upbeat person, I like to think. I’m definitely glass-half-full. I always find a silver lining. I’m optimistic not pessimistic. More often than not, anyway. When things don’t go my way I’m capable of picking through the parts and finding the good in it. It’s not always easy but it’s definitely a part of myself that I appreciate.

However, positivity cannot be your friend 100% of the time. Let’s be honest, if I felt positive and optimistic all the time I’d be the world’s most annoying tool. But being able to harness positive energy when you need it is not only useful but important.

So, whilst I’m what I would call a ‘positive reactor’, I need to work on becoming a ‘positive creator’ as well. I need to not only respond to things with positivity but actively approach challenges and tasks with optimism as well. Because what happens when we run towards tasks with self-doubt and negativity is self-sabotage. We set ourselves up to fail before we have even started the project. I speak from experience here. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve started something, wanting to do well and make it successful, but thinking ‘I’m not sure I can do this’ or ‘I don’t feel ready’.

How can you succeed when you’re being a pessimist from the start?

I’m sure that the vast majority of us can associate with the feeling of negativity as we get ready to start something new. Our fear is trying to keep us safe by stopping us from trying new things. And more often than not it does this by popping negative or pessimistic thoughts into our head when we contemplate something new.

The problem with fear is, it keeps us where we are. And if you’re coming up with ideas and have new things that you want to pursue you’re obviously not happy where you are. You need to be able to go after the things you want and not have negativity holding you back. So, here’s what I’m doing to tackle it:

  1. I’m refusing to give in to the ‘I can’t’ mentality. How do you know that you can’t if you haven’t tried yet?

  2. I’m getting out of my own way. The amount of obstacles that we create, all on our own, without the help of others is staggering!

  3. I’m making affirmations. Every morning, as I look myself in the mirror and get my face sorted (this takes time, trust me) I’m reminding myself of how capable I am.

  4. I’m reminding myself of my value. Whatever you have to offer is of value. People need to see what you can bring to the table.

  5. I’m writing everything down. By listing, mind-mapping, brainstorming and generally jotting down all our ideas we are continually re-inspired and motivated to keep going.

By doing these five things I’m able to start whatever project I’m tackling with more positive energy and optimism. The chances of success are so much higher when we go about things this way. Isn’t that easier than wading through negative treacle and torturing ourselves over what a struggle it is?

Try these five things for yourself and see what a difference it makes. For more tips and advice on how to develop a positive mindset, get in touch (I’d also love to hear about how you take care of and develop your positive mindset. Would you add anything to the list? Let me know!).