After a mad week... Stop what you're doing! Do this instead!


*awkward silence*

It’s been a big ol’ week hasn’t it!

We’re not going to start talking politics, we’re neither qualified nor proficient enough in the subject to do that (although we’ll just throw a very quick, ‘WTF?!?!’ in there and leave it at that). There’s also enough commentary on Facebook to keep you going until the next election in 2020.

Which brings us neatly to our point. We’ve spent a lot of the past few days trawling through Facebook, picking up on the general vibe throughout the newsfeed, taking in the reactions of our friends, family, friends of friends, neighbour’s cat, friendly local get the idea. And the feeling is pretty damn gloomy.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not happy with the election results either. Far from it. But it’s really easy to let the atmosphere from outside influences seep into your bubble. Whether your media tipple of choice is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even good old fashioned newspapers, the negativity that is pouring out there starts to bleed into other areas if you’re not careful.

We don’t just start thinking the world has gone to pot, we start believing it. We start to believe that there is more bad than good in the world. And that’s not the case. No matter what has happened in the last week, good still outweighs bad.

Another by-product of all this negative energy (we promise not to go too ‘woo woo’ here) is that we might start to apply it to our own lives. The commute feels even slower. The evenings are colder and less exciting. Our relationships might not feel as fulfilling. Work is boring. Everything becomes a bit of a chore.

Now you might not identify with any of these things. You might lean towards one or two. Or you might be sat there reading this thinking, “How are you in my brain, witches?!”

Wherever you’re at is fine. But if you are feeling negative, particularly right now with the week we’ve just had, please let us offer you one piece of advice...

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down”

What do we mean?

Step away from your phone. Put down Facebook. Get off Twitter for a bit. Don’t buy the paper for a few days. Stop watching the news for a week. The world won’t end. In fact, we can promise you that bugger all will change in your the world that is.

But if you step away from all those influences and spend some time focusing on your own bubble (family, friends, loved ones, cats, dogs, friendly neighbourhood Spiderman) then you’ll notice a change within yourself. You’ll start to feel more positive. You’ll be reminded of all the good that’s in the world, even if at that point in time your world consists of you, a loved one and a big bag of Maltesers.

So, 3 steps to feeling more positive, starting right now:

Step 1. Whatever your media fix, ditch it for a week. You can handle a week, c’mon. We’d DEFINITELY suggest binning off the news (at least, some of it). Informative it might be (questionable); warm and fuzzy it is not. Allow yourself the head-space to step back long enough to decide what you'd like to filter back in again.

Step 2. Organise something with someone you love (or just like a whole lot). Pizza night with your favourite movies, karaoke classics at your local pub, dog walk followed by a Sunday roast - you name it. Just make sure you do it.

Step 3. When you’re in that good place, really enjoy it. Acknowledge it. Revel in it. Tell people about it! We’re willing to bet you’d be quicker to tell a story about how some bastard cut you up on the dual carriageway than you would about the awesome day you spent cooking with a friend whilst drinking wine and dancing to Absolute 80s radio. So break the habit. Really soak up the good feeling and enjoy it.

That’s it. Follow these 3 steps and we promise it’ll make a difference. It won’t rewrite what’s happened but nothing can.

And remember:

“You can’t control the world. You can only control your reaction to the world”

Gary McClain, PhD

P.S. For some help, motivation or (supportive) arse-kicking with this 3 step plan (... or anything else affecting your good-vibes right now), why not book in for a free 60 minute coaching session to get you started? You can book yourself in by clicking here!