Are YOU 'Getting Enough'?!

Symptoms of not ‘getting enough’ include: Irritability; low mood, boredom and resentment.

Brace yourselves, ladies... We're dropping the ‘F’ bomb.

We’d like to invite you to do a cheeky ‘inner quiz’ right now:

Are you getting enough FUN in your daily life?

Honest answers on a postcard! (Postal address: The Funhouse, Boredom Lane, Droughtsville, H3LP PLZ).


At Licence To Live, Lydia and I have seen this issue rearing it’s head time and time again - and it’s genuinely something that most of us have experienced.

The trouble is, we don’t always recognise it, at first.

What we recognise is our mood beginning to wilt. We see our happiness levels looking suboptimal. We find ourselves snapping more often than we’d like to. And it’s so much easier to grasp at life’s ‘tangibles’ to blame for it all… Our jobs, relationships and circumstances.

Of course; it could be that those things truly aren’t quite right at the moment. But lacking fun is a very sneaky catfish, and it lurks beneath the surface of our impatiently-sourced ‘logic’.

Life is fast, and busy, and full of to-do’s. Many of us hop on the proverbial treadmill and stay there until our to-do list is done (which, by the way, is happening at approximately 9pm on the 5th of NEVER).

And yet, with all of this ‘adulting’, we often forget to prioritise one of the greatest sources of joy in our lives…. Having fun!

Exhilarating; belly-laughing, memory-making, free-spirited, muddy, silly, ‘just-because-I-like-it’ fun.


Ladies, it’s time to make a stand.


At no point did any of us sign a contract which reserved fun JUST for the kids; or for special occasions… Or worse, stipulated that we left it behind entirely in our youth (right next to our dodgy haircuts and poor, poor judgement calls).

All we need to do is tune back into the things that light us up, and book them in regularly (and - mic drop - 100% free of guilt!). After all, you can only do your best for others if you’ve done the things that top you up first. You know the ‘oxygen mask on a flight’ analogy? There’s a reason it’s achieved cliché status!


Struggling for ‘funspiration’?  

Here are the top two shortcuts we’ve established from recent discussions with our marvellous (and might we say, fun-filled!) clients:

  1. Rewind back to the things you loved to do when you were younger. Are there any hobbies you’ve neglected? Passions which have taken a sideline? Tune back into them, and allow yourself to simply play. So what if you’ve lost some skill? You could get it back - and perhaps even find new heights of fun, in the process!

  2. Try something new. In fact, try several new things! YOU’RE ALIVE. You can try pretty much anything you’ve ever wondered about. All it takes, is to simply give yourself the permission to do it. Open Google, and get searching. Make that call, or send the email. Make one step towards it, even if your fingers are quivering as you type. And if it’s out of your current comfort-zone but it gives you butterflies… We can’t think of a more delicious recipe for having some fun.


Until next time… Good luck!