Getting Dirty on 'LOVE Day'


…. Getting your hands dirty, that is.

Erm…. Not in that way, either.

(What did you think we meant? HONESTLY! You lot!!)

Valentine’s Day….

Whether you’re a sucker for flowers and teddies, or would rather stick heart-shaped pins in your eyes than get involved in anything mushy... it’s pretty hard to avoid the sentiment of the day.

Here’s what we REALLY want you to consider, on Valentine’s Day 2017:

When was the last time you got your hands dirty…

- In proactively doing something caring for yourself?

- In showing yourself a bit of love and appreciation?

- In letting yourself be the priority, for one friggin’ day?

- In making a special effort - for you.. just you...  on behalf of you?

It’s official: Women are pretty pants at doing these things.

These big ol’ hearts of ours are awesome at putting partners/bosses/kids/pets/’duty’/ expectation/ perfectionism/ ETC ahead of ourselves in the priority pecking order.

This past year we’ve been privileged to meet, help and embrace SO MANY amazing women  (from all walks of life)... each coming forwards to raise their hand and ask if, perhaps.. maybe… something could be different for them from now on.

They’ve described years of back-seat living.

Months of quietly hoping for things to get better.

Weeks of desperate, exhausted frustration.

Days of wishing it could all just go away.

EVEN IF - on the outside - things seem ok.

They are absolutely, 100% DONE with it.

Here’s the thing - (and FYI in advance, it isn’t warm and fuzzy):


The solution ALWAYS starts and ends with us rolling up our own sleeves, getting our hands dirty and mucking in more effort than we ever knew we were capable of, to make our own situations better.

And until we accept this fully, hearing it is always going to feel like ripping off a massive plaster...

…. Right up until you decide things are going to change.

That’s when it starts to feel like something good - something hopeful, exciting... even powerful.

Trust us - we’ve been there before, too.

It’s one of the main reasons we do things differently nowadays, and the PRIMARY reason we know that you bloody-well can too.


With ALL of our love; please ask yourself the above questions, with as much love as you can give yourself when you answer.

You are entitled to love yourself, first.

It’s the only way anything can work; and somewhere inside you, you know it too.

Our FREE upcoming workshop has been designed for women feeling long-overdue an act of self-love.

For women who want change… who want more… who want better.

Don’t worry about not knowing how or where to start - we’re going to help you get there.

Will you step up? Will you join us? You are so, so welcome!

Saturday 25th Feb, 2-4pm, Oxford. Click here for more info.

All our love, as always -

Lydia & Jen xx

P.S. We can, so let's.