Goal-Getting Made EASY (all year round!)


 So, we’re already into the first chunk January. Flippin’ heck.

 How’s it going for you?


If like us, you ate, drank, and lost track of any normality over the holiday season, it can feel clunky trying to get back into the swing of things.

(Particularly whilst acknowledging the obviousness that it’s a brand-spanking new year, filled with brand new opportunities and brand new shiny life improvements to be had, etc etc).


The first days back at work bring one classic annual question back into our lives, as the coffee brews... “So, have you made any New Year’s resolutions?” 

…. But seriously, have you? Or are you more of a goals-all-year-round kinda person? (Or, like many of us, do you simply ditch it off altogether?!).


It’s true, the yearly turning of a new page brings a wealth of exciting possibilities. BUT - let’s be honest - if resolutions feel pressurized or a little bit icky; it’s not always so easy to get stuck in! 


Our message today, for any dreams you have for 2018, is to take the pressure off by thinking big, but starting small. Teensy-tiny small.

 The truth is, our goals (any time of the year), aren’t usually achieved by giant leaps, but by manageable baby steps that inch us closer and closer to where we want to be… Just one day at a time.


One of the quickest routes to getting what we want is by altering our daily habits so they work in harmony with our desired outcomes. It’s the top life-hack we can use to programme ourselves for success!

 Considering that we each carry hundreds of small habits throughout our daily lives; what could the impact be if you changed up just a few of them, to keep you closely in line with your vision?


To help you get in the zone and raring to go, we’ve designed a handy Habit Makeover Tool which will make nailing your goals seem easy peasy…. All by altering your daily habits to work better for you! (Download here for free!)

 So, whether you create goals all year round or would LOVE for 2018 to be the year you stick to your guns, this tool will work for you!


For example; would you love to repurpose the time you spend scrolling online, but it’s become a bit of a post-dinner routine? Or would you love to start your day with 10 minutes of meditation, but haven’t got to grips with it yet?

What would life look like if you were doing LESS of the things you don't want to do, and MORE of the things that work in your favour?!


It’s quite amazing how easily we can revolutionise our lives by addressing and switching up just a couple of things!


Grab a cuppa, and spend 10 minutes with this little number for a goal-smashing year ahead.



Jen & Lydia x

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