How Well Do You Know Yourself?

So on the back of a totally nuts, brilliant, wonderful and inspirational weekend, we wanted to hone in on something really important. 

As you know, Saturday saw the very first ‘Inspire Her’ event, which we were lucky enough to compere. What a blast!

We then schlepped it across the country ready to deliver our Positive Mindset workshop at LFest on Sunday morning, which was absolutely awesome - we met loads of wonderful women who had so many valuable insights to share. Check out what some of they had to say!

That’s what we love the most about doing what we do - talking about important things, but having TONS of fun doing it! It was particularly gorgeous to end the weekend soaking up the rest of the festival.

Somewhere during beer number 2 (3?) we realised that we’d actually spent the whole weekend surrounded by people who all had one thing in common: they’d made the decision to put themselves out there and spend time making new connections.

Now, new connections come in obvious and less obvious forms.

The one we automatically recognise is the connection between new people. Every part of last weekend was literally built on the idea of bringing strangers together to connect; to share, grow and bond. Essentially, the essence of ‘TRIBE’ was as fundamental to LFest as it was to the intentionally-themed ‘Inspire Her’ event.

But other connections also happen allllll the time, we just don’t necessarily pay them as much attention!

This might be the connection you make between someone else’s personal ‘story’ and your own experiences. Listening and sharing - so easy to underestimate, yet few things hold as much poignancy, hope or reassurance to our own journey! How many of us can recall learning part of someone else’s story, and being so affected by it that it influenced our own life in some way?

Other connections can happen entirely without notice - those *lightbulb* moments like… ‘A-HA!’.... ‘I’ve just realised!’.... ‘Yes! That’s what I want!’... ‘Oh my gosh… that’s me! I do that!’.... ‘What if I did this instead?!’... ‘I’m making a decision!’..... ‘I’m going to do this!’... ‘I’m NOT going to do that!’

… Effectively a HUGE shot of electricity firing across your neural pathways, sparking the sudden realisation that something incredible - a change, a decision - is within your grasp!

And then, of course, there’s the most important connection of all.

Quite simply - this is the connection with yourself. Yep, you, yourself and you. But this is the one so many of us fail to remember, and certainly fail to prioritise. Heck, some of us have even distanced ourselves from our internal selves on purpose, under the guise of self-preservation! ONLY IT’S THE TOTAL BLADDY OPPOSITE!!

We’ve recently been speaking to people about why they think this happens.

Generally, the consensus includes feeling that it isn’t huge on our agenda - not when we have so many distractions at our fingertips. Life is fast, and talking about ‘self-connecting’ ain’t sexy.

We move from social media to newsfeeds to conversations, and desperately attempt to keep up with the world and all of her goings on. Because, well, the bigger picture is more important than ‘lil’old me’… right??

It’s so second-nature for us to swim upstream, that pausing to pin a thoughtful quote on Instagram feels about as deep as we really get.


Distraction + Denial = Confusion/Apathy/Anxiety/Unfulfillment... Etc.

Never before has it been so essential to our survival to rebel against this equation - to turn inwards, deeply connect with ourselves and start asking some of the most basic, foundational questions.

What do I really need?

What do I want from the world around me? And what do I want to put back into it?

Who do I want to be, in this precious lifetime?

Have a go, now.

Close your eyes. Breathe smoothly. Visualise breathing in cleansing, fresh air, and breathing out a cloud of grey, toxic smoke. Repeat for a minute.

Ask yourself… what do I need the most, right now?

It can be tough, especially in the early days, allowing ourselves the time and headspace to commit to self-connection. Part of the process may even involve shrugging off any notions that you are being a self-indulgent, overly-serious weirdo. You aren’t.

Understanding yourself and being truly in touch with your intuition… that’s where the best things live! Striving for confidence, inner-peace, clarity and satisfaction… it’s so hard for them reach you until you’ve prioritised a way of connecting with YOURSELF.

Because, you guessed it - those things live on the inside. They are there right now, giving you a cheeky wink.

So our message to you today is this: Invest in connecting with yourself. In whatever form this may take! Whether this involves meditation, yoga, reading or writing…etc...  look into it, and have a go. Seriously consider how you could invite this practice into your life as a permanent fixture. Then get in touch with us and tells us all about it! We LOVE hearing about what you are up to! And if you’ve been doing this for a while, we’d love to hear about what you find helpful!

Plus, if you aren’t sure if you’re ready, or whether or not you can quite commit to caring for yourself in this way yet... we are here to help. Because, in the words of Tom Landry;- “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you’ve always known you could be.”

Our 60 minute initial self-discovery calls are FREE. There is no obligation to do anything else - honestly (click here to check out why). Book your call with us today; we can’t wait to help you get started! EEEK!


Inner lovings,

Lydia & Jen