Inspire Her 2016


This weekend was totally off the hook, and we just HAVE to tell you about it!

Saturday welcomed the first ever ‘Inspire Her’ event – created by our very own Lynette Allen, creator of Her Invitation! 

A day of inspirational speakers sharing their expertise about all sorts of cool things – learning how to trust your gut; top tips on how to captivate (in any situation!), being cool with cash, and how to create your unique list of ‘life lessons’ in order to inspire your own future. Not to mention that the whole event was sponsored by the one-and-only Psychologies magazine! *swoon*

It was seriously brilliant.

And to top it all off, we were invited to compere the WHOLE DAY! We absolutely LOVED it and thoroughly enjoyed trying to emulate Ant & Dec (we always seem to default to those cheeky Geordie treasures).

We had over 80 women join us for the day… but unlike your typically awkward ‘mingle’ events, Saturday saw 80 total strangers come together in the warmest, realest way.

This is a genuine account of how it went:

- Within minutes they were chuckling over coffee

- Within half an hour they were clapping and cheering our speakers on

- By lunch they were laughing, hugging, swapping details and taking selfies

- An hour later, they were sharing endless tips and words of encouragement to the rest of the room with statements like: “Start where you are; just go for it”… “You are enough, just as you are”… “Look after YOU”… “Speak up! Be heard!”

- By Lynette’s closing speech, they were standing, clapping, dancing and cheering!!


Inspire Her 2016 was created to bring women together to develop themselves and potentially their businesses, but most importantly to grow their TRIBE.

‘Tribe’… such a good word, right?


Have a think about what the word ‘tribe’ means to you.

Who are they?

What are they into?

What do they talk about?

And where can you find these magic beans? (in human form, obvs)

For us, ‘tribe’ means a group of like-minded individuals who can inspire, encourage and guide us… even on the days when we feel like chucking the whole ‘plan’ out of the window; nose-diving a packet of chocolate digestives and seriously contemplating a life of breeding rare cows in the Scottish Isles.

They are into lifting other people up.

They are into being generous, but equally reach out for help.

They talk about each other’s successes with genuine passion and pride.

They talk about how to turn wild ideas into brilliant action.

You can find these particular magic beans in many places… but days like Saturday had a whole room full of them.

If you’re feeling like you’re a bit low on said beans, maybe it’s time to branch out and give yourself the opportunity to grow your own tribe.

They will be there, waiting for you – promise! Chances are they are probably out looking for you too.

Love and tribal callings,

Jen (Ant) & Lydia (Dec)

P.S. They say we are most influenced by the five people with whom we spend the majority of our time… so with this in mind, our tribe will ALWAYS trump Scottish cows – even if they are adorably fluffy.