Is 'Down Time' Hurting You?


Lots of us need - even crave - to have time off from the rest of the world sometimes.

To chill out as we please to; whether it’s binging on Netflix (guilty), a long walk, or a good book in the sunshine (on the rare days it’s sunny, of course).

Sometimes we might need even more than this. A chunk of time to ourselves, where our energy for others, work or activities is far less in demand.


But can this precious, seemingly restorative alone-time begin to create problems for us? 
What if we find ourselves starting to use it as a shield… by hiding ourselves away, and losing our days to a blur of quiet isolation? And if so, is this really good for us?

This is a particularly tricky road to navigate if you’ve ever suffered from burnout.

Having bounced-back from burnout ourselves, we know how much it takes to find your way back from surviving total sensory overwhelm. It is inevitable that our recovery requires some time for us to heal, rebuild and reboot at our own pace. And in doing so, we become very protective of this time, and cautious of taking on ‘too much’ again incase we end up right back at square one.

But with this comes the default mechanism to retreat inwards whenever we feel even a hint of overwhelm - even if it’s actually quite an exciting, productive time for us in the long-run. Adrenaline kicks in when we’re in demand; leading us to ‘fight or take flight’, and sometimes we struggle to differentiate between what is actually in our best interests when we’re put on the spot.


Issues begin to crop up when we we lock ourselves up and hold ourselves back; which we can recognise if we begin to feel even more dissatisfied and frustrated than we were when we were busy. It becomes uncomfortably evident when we find ourselves wasting our time and energy, on choices which don’t deliver much value or purpose in our lives… When the whole POINT was to feel happier!

Time off to be enjoyed, rejuvenated and made the most of? AWESOME. Yes, please!

But time off spent drifting aimlessly; procrastinating, and feeling increasingly anxious and out of control about what the heck is going on in our lives? No, ta. That is definitely not what we set out to do.

What we need to do is have a self-awareness check-up with ourselves.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is the time ‘off’ I’m giving myself,

  1. filling me up?

  2. depleting me?

Does this down-time,

  1. Build my confidence?

  2. Raise my levels of self-doubt?

Is this period of retreating,

  1. Improving my mood?

  2. Making me feel low?

If you’re finding yourself feeling worse off because of your downtime (having answered ‘b’ to our mini quiz) there are ways you can regain the balance - without having to sacrifice yourself to burnout!

Who do you LOVE to be around?

Who brings out the best in you?

Who and what makes you feel energised?

Reflect on a really happy time in your life - what was lighting you up, then?

How could you get more of this?

Who and what could help you?

Just a few questions to kick things off.

If you’re struggling to pull yourself out of a funk but know there’s more to life beyond the fog, give us a shout. We can help - it’s what we do.

J & L x

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