'Master Your Mindset'

You might have seen on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (pretty much everywhere you look) that we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about our up-and-coming ‘Master Your Mindset’ workshop.


Well the time is very nearly upon us and we’re almost losing our minds with excitement! We can’t wait to share this awesome content with you and meet some of you in person! We just wanted to get in touch with all of you lovelies and give you a couple of teensie tasters of what next week has in store.

Amongst what feels like a monster amount of juicy good stuff we’ll be covering:

  • Self-talk 101. What’s your self-talk like, and what effect is it having on you? The way we talk to ourselves is key if we want to feel more positive. We’ll help you combat those negative inner voices and get on your own side.

  • Top Tips for a Positive Mindset. We’ll give you the techniques you need to move forwards and live life more positively. No ‘woo woo’ - just real tools to give you tangible results.

  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset. What’s the difference? Which do you have? What the hell does this all mean?!

All will become clear!

Best thing about this workshop? The tools and techniques we will give you are powerful, portable and will last as long as you want to live positively! We don’t want to let you in on any more or there’ll be no surprises left for next week, so see you Saturday!

We can’t wait to see you there!

If you haven’t got yourself a ticket yet, there’s still a few left! Drop us an email at info@licencetolive.com or call/text 07718921116 to book a ticket and join the party.

Lydia & Jen