Your Mental Health Matters!

It’s time to talk about what’s going on in these glorious heads of ours.
Some of you may have seen a popular article trending on social media lately, whereby Michigan-based Madalyn Parker shared an email conversation with her boss about taking two days’ sick leave, for the benefit of her mental health. 

One of the reasons this piece attracted so much attention was the response she received from her company CEO, Ben Congleton; in which he celebrated her proactive decision to prioritise her mental wellbeing by doing whatever it took to look after herself.

(What was that, Ben? We can’t hear you beneath the pile of CV’s that just have flooded into your life!)

But quite honestly - would you do it? Could you do it... if you needed to?  


Time. Space. Help.


Three game-changers which can revolutionise a multitude of problems; from burnout to anxiety; insomnia to stress.

And yet one of the themes that Lydia and I come across consistently amongst the women we coach (albeit in their first few sessions), is an underlying fear that it means they’ve failed - or will fail; if they act upon their mental health needs.

And let us tell you this right now - these women are not 'weak'.

They work bloody hard; often self-identifying as perfectionists. They give everything in life their all. They are intelligent, compassionate, generous, creative and brilliant - and often they've reached a point where they are utterly burnt out (whether it’s at work, home, or both).

The most concerning part, however, is that they’ve suddenly reached a point where it’s become so unbearably suffocating that they are no longer convinced that they will ever find their way ‘back’. (Spoiler Alert: They can, and do - and so can you).

So here we are as per usual; armed, gobby, and ready to elbow our way in and shout...“HOLD IT THERE A HOT MINUTE!”

Prioritising your mental well-being, above all else - and by doing whatever you need to do (such as visiting your GP; reaching out for help; taking time out, or even changing your scenery), is the single-most proactiveproductive and healthy thing you could EVER do for yourself.


When we decide to act upon our mental health needs in a positive way, what we are actually doing is looking our problems right in the eye - and committing to do something about them.

(Sort of counteracts the stigma that we’re ‘running’, failing or not coping, when we think of it like that... Doesn’t it?).

Quite simply, absolutely everything starts with how we prioritise our mental health. Because whether we like it or not; everything else in life will always fit around it.

And when you allow yourself the things you need in order for it to improve; guess what? Your impact on the world around you improves too. From work to relationships, and happiness to health... All of it gets better, as YOU get better. 

So, please allow yourself to explore these questions… Where does your mental wellbeing sit amongst your priorities? And if it isn't near the top... Should it be?

Much love,

J & L xx

P.S. Many people wonder if counselling is the same as coaching. It isn't.

Counselling focuses on things that have happened in the past, and helps you to explore and resolve the ways in which those experiences may still affect you today.

Coaching is about focusing on where you are right now; but also where you would like to be in the future - and aims to help you get there, but in your own way. 

This explanation is a tiny nutshell of course, and it is important to know that neither service is a substitute for the other. 

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