Procrastination is a bitch.

I heard a great advert the other day on the radio. In this advert a comedian described how he had been trying to develop a mobile app to deal with procrastination. The punch line? He started the app in 2001. (*ba-dum-tshh*)


It was a simple joke but the accuracy of it resonated with me. Procrastination is the secret killer of motivation and productivity.


“I need to develop that idea

I’ll just check my Facebook first”


“I’m going to clear out my wardrobe

Ooh, I’ll just see if that shirt still fits”


“I’m going to start a business

I better spend hours/days/weeks/months researching”


Sometimes we fall into the trap of procrastinating because it’s easier than actually starting. Starting is hard. Finding a logical first step can be confusing. But if you start anywhere it’s better than not starting at all.


If you were to stop procrastinating, right now (or, maybe after you’ve finished this blog?!), and spend half an hour being productive, what could you have achieved? Part of the wardrobe cleared out? A kick-ass website name? An email sent to someone that can help?


And if you manage to get something done in half an hour, what if you did the same the next day? And the one after that? And so on and so forth. Where could you be in six months? In fact, think even bigger, where could you be in a year?


If we start acknowledging that we have a tendency to procrastinate (My name is Lydia and I am a Procrastinator), we can consciously decide not to. Or at least do it less (my tactic).


I can honestly say I’ve never been busier than I am right now. However, I’ve also never been happier. Exciting opportunities arise when we just get on with it and make a start!


So, that’s it. Blog over. Nothing more to read here.


What are you going to do next?


“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted…Do it now”


Paulo Coelho