Seeking Perfection

Does anyone remember a band called Fairground Attraction? Me neither. Whilst you may not remember them, I’m sure you’ll remember the hit, ‘Perfect’. Remember the classic lyrics, 

“It’s got to beeeeeee……perfect!”

 The reason I ask is because I had that song going round my head the other day. Annoyingly I just had those two lines going round my head as it was all I could remember at the time. After about half an hour I suddenly realised what a limiting belief that can be. Thinking that something’s got to be perfect can stop you from ever getting started. Why bother making a start or attempting anything if it’s not going to be just right?

The problem with that mindset is it will stop you from ever going anywhere. When you first start something the chances of it being perfect immediately are pretty non-existent. Does that mean you should never get going because it won’t be the perfect version you’re imagining?

You have to start where you are and keep going. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It may not be perfect but at least you’ll be moving.

What if you kept putting one foot in front of the other every day for a year? Where might you have got to? Things may still not be perfect but you’ll have at least covered some ground.

And what is perfect, anyway? How do you know when you’ve achieved it? Seeking perfection can be like chasing fog, you’re never really going to know when you’re holding it in your hands.

Wouldn’t it be better to just get started and see where you go?

Screw perfection, I’ll take progress any day of the week. 

Who’s with me?