The One You Feed Will Win

I heard a great story the other day. Apparently it’s origins go back to a Cherokee tale (according to Google). I don’t know about that but wherever it came from it struck a chord with me.


The story goes that a Grandfather was talking to his Grandson about life. He explained to his Grandson that every one of us has two wolves battling inside us; one good, one evil. The evil wolf is made up of anger, regret, arrogance, ego, greed and self-pity. The good wolf is kindness, joy, generosity, empathy, love, acceptance and compassion. He explained about the continuing battle between the two wolves.


When his Grandson asked him which one would win he replied,


“The one you feed”


*mic drop*


I loved it’s simplicity. It’s so accurate.


Everyone of us has these things inside of us. All of us feel anger or sorrow. Just like we all feel joy and love. The difference is the one you spend more time feeding is going to be the one that consumes you.


Which wolf do you currently spend more time feeding? If you’re giving the main bulk of the food to the evil wolf and only leaving scraps for the good wolf, how can he possibly win?


You need to spend time and energy feeding the better side of yourself so that it can grow in strength and power. As your good wolf grows, so your evil wolf will cower in it’s shadow.


How can you bring more joy into your life? What do you love doing that you could spend more time on? What random act of kindness could you perform today to make someone else feel better? How can you show love to someone special?


On the flip side of that, how can you take the power away from your evil wolf? What can you do to let go of the anger you’re feeling? How can you move past regret and towards acceptance? How would you feel if you could get yourself out of self-pity?


These are big questions, I know. And I don’t expect you to know all of the answers right off the bat. But it’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?


Which wolf do you want to win?


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