Why New Year's resolutions DON'T WORK (& what to do instead!)

Ok - time for a bit of ‘premature speculation’. (You realised when you signed up to this we both have the verbal tendencies of truckers, didn’t you?!).


We have bad news. Those New Year’s resolutions you’re starting to plot for 2017? They ain’t happening. Nuh-uh. Ohh no sister. In fact they stand practically bugger-all chance of survival.

We’ve all done it.

“I’m going to quit smoking!”

“Right, THIS is the year I’m going to find true love!”

“2017 is going to be my BEST business year yet - watch your back, Branson”

“I’m going to travel, find a career I love, and volunteer with flamingos in my spare time!”



Alternatively, you’ve become one of those cynical folk, who roll their eyes at the previous ‘kind of human’ who still plays along with all of this malarky.

We’ve spent our fair share of years swinging between the two, as well.

If only we would bloody learn, eh?

Here is exactly where we go wrong, year after year after year:

  1. To quote Danielle LaPorte, we don’t set ‘Goals with Soul’. In our humble translation: You haven’t got any strong emotional attachment or real, nitty gritty meaning to these goals. This results in their disposable, fleeting nature and flagging importance alongside every other thing you’re juggling in ‘real’ life. Poor little goals.

  2. You went BIG, but then you went home. Essentially - you ‘put it out there’ (which is GREAT) but you didn’t lay down the groundwork to support this goal coming to life. Basically, you committed to eating the elephant but - whoopsies - forgot your cutlery and stretchy knickers. For instance - you’ve decided this is the year you’ll find love, but other than a dating app on your phone, you haven’t considered the alternative ways of meeting new people; you possibly haven’t spent much time on truly loving yourself (cliche, but essential) and you STILL sleep like a starfish across your double bed. You are literally, PHYSICALLY blocking someone from sleeping next to you.

  3. Pride + Ego. Sounds like a hipster nightclub (damn, THAT should be our next business goal for 2017! Hey - let’s make a resolution about it!). Two traits which, whether we like it or not, we all have to some degree. You’ve jumped in with a nice, juicy dream...and then you’ve tried to go it alone. You’ve internalised your vision, kept it a bit quiet, and tried to navigate the road practically on your own… in the dark… without a map. Fear & doubt goblins start stalking you, and all of a sudden you’re back at square one where it’s cosy and familiar, if a little… frustrating.

The simple solution, it would seem, lies in the reverse of this list:

  1. Visualise & tune-in to how your goal will FEEL when it’s achieved, and WHY it matters so flippin’ much to you. Write it down, plaster it everywhere, make it your mantra.

  2. Go big, absolutely. But remember your fork. Plot out the most obvious initial steps to get you started… then the next steps once they become clear, and so on. Timetable each step in into ‘real life’ so it actually stands a chance of survival.

  3. ASK. FOR. HELP.

  4. Repeat Step 3, over and over - learn to LOVE Step 3.

  5. Attend our Facebook challenge group.

…”You what?”

We’ve decided to shake things up a bit this year, because you know what? We’ve got a HUGE elephant to eat! And we’ve decided that the best way to do it is to have a big ol’ feast with all of you! *Hooray!!*


Starting on Sunday 4th December we’ll be hosting a FREE, live, 7 day challenge in our private Facebook group, designed SOLELY for people who are feeling:

  • Like you honestly can’t wait to see the back of some of 2016

  • Uncertain, worried or hideously numb (already) about how 2017 is going to unfold

  • Sick of feeling ‘lack’ when you compare your lot to someone else’s

  • Stuck, lacking clarity, and desperate for this to change!

  • Fearful about making positive change on your own & getting outside your comfort zone (even if the good stuff is on the other side)


  • 2017 to start off on an amazing track

  • Clarity, inspiration, motivation, excitement, and UBER-CONFIDENCE! (Not the taxi).

  • Self-belief that YOU ACTUALLY CAN set amazing goals & resolutions, and achieve them with your awesome action planning skills!

  • Free resources for you to dig-deep, get clear and move forwards with intention

  • Support from a like-minded group, plus the bonus of coaching insights from us - tips, videos, strategies & support (plus - fun. Let’s have a really good time.)

  • To sit around the dinner table on Christmas Day and announce to your loved ones - “NEXT YEAR IS GOING TO BE OFF THE HOOK!”

Is this you? DO YOU WANNA COME?!

We are SO excited about this challenge week, it’s going to be chocker-block full, with daily vids from us; top tips, resources, strategies, support - you name it, it’s ON.

It is literally going to be like an online festival for our very own, like-minded VIP gang.

In order to join our challenge group, simply click on the button below to let us know you’re IN… then look out for details & awesome freebies over the coming days to get you ready for your BEST start to 2017!

Finally - DO bring a pal, if you have a friend (or two) who would totally be up for this challenge. This is particularly awesome if you’d like a trusted companion to help you stay accountable to your goals, steps and decisions after the challenge - plus it’s nice to have a mate nearby. In order for them to join, simply share this with them and encourage them to sign up too!

Can’t wait to see you there!

P.S. 2017 doesn’t know what’s about to hit it, poor little sausage.