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(Humour us).

 Just close your eyes for a second, and imagine...  

You wake up, hitting your alarm. It's just a normal day for you. But you're excited about what your day involves, because you frickin’ love the way you spend your time! You've also nailed an amazing balance between your work and home life; each of which you love to bits.

When new people ask you about yourself, you can’t help but light up when you tell them about all of the things you’re up to. You have a ton of things to look forward to, and your spare time is spent doing things you really enjoy.

Your relationships are thriving, and you realise you’re actually a pretty great role-model to those around you. You feel really quite proud about the direction you are moving in, in all areas of your life.

In general, your default is to feel really good about yourself. You are healthy, happy and hopeful.

And in your gut, you feel both excited and at ease with what your future holds; knowing that whatever the case - you are going to be absolutely fine.


Now, if this sounds more like a Disney film than reality, and you’re starting to wonder how many gins we’ve just necked… You really need to keep on reading!


Because we’ve got news for you: You CAN do it, and you absolutely WILL get there.

You just might need a little help from people who understand what it’s like to be in this boat (and more importantly, know exactly how to get out of it… Without falling in the water!).  


If you’ve got this far, it probably means that you can relate to one of these statements:

  • You absolutely, categorically, cannot bear the notion of staying in the same position you are in right now - let alone face another year of it!

  • You’ve mastered the fine art of simultaneously feeling totally stuck, and yet feeling totally overwhelmed by which decision you should make next

  • You look at the people around you… Friends, colleagues, siblings... And can’t help but envy how much they seem to have their sh*t together compared to you

  • You know, in your heart of hearts, that there is so much more to life than this… But you haven’t the foggiest of what that looks like yet, never mind how to get there!


In other words… enough is enough! 

So, this is where we come in!


We are Jen & Lydia, a life-coaching duo who help women revolutionise their daily lives easily, happily, and confidently.


We know how it feels to have visions of your future give you nothing but anxiety sweats; and you find yourself questioning if it might just be easier to pack a bag and retreat into the hills/a desert island/your mum’s garage; just to get away from it all. TAXI!

But all of those statements above come from our own personal experiences - because we’ve been there, too.

One thing we know for sure, is that it doesn’t have to be this way any longer - not even for one more day.


And you are no exception to this rule.


This is why we’ve developed our signature 4-month coaching programme, ‘Glow’.

It has been designed specifically to help you get clear on what you really want; make decisions which feel completely right, and take the actions needed to change your life for the better… All with our support, guidance and superhuman encouragement. And our clients really do glow!

(We know how cheesy this sounds but we really don’t care. #notsorry.)


Life didn’t come with a ‘how-to’ manual, but we really do endeavour to be the next best thing (and we are far less complicated than flat-pack).


You’ve landed in the right place if you are willing to trade:

  • Feeling burnt out and fed up

  • Suffocating self-doubt

  • Being sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired!

  • Fear and anxiety, particularly around ‘what next?’, or ‘how do I get there?’

  • Wasting anymore time and energy on doing things which don’t feel good anymore

  • Spending months drifting, and waiting for answers to magically appear (if only)

  • Staying put at the ‘thinking’ stages, without implementing any real changes

  • Thinking to yourself… Is this it?

In return for

  • Feeling like the very best version of YOU - as the general norm

  • Glowing with confidence about yourself, your plans and the way your future is going to unfold

  • Feeling free and able to move forwards positively, into a new chapter

  • Feeling deeply engaged with your life; safe in the knowledge that your time has meaning and purpose

  • Saving your precious time, by making effective decisions which finally feel RIGHT

  • Taking action - and becoming pretty bloody good at it

  • Thinking to yourself… YES!! This is IT!

Sound like a fair deal?


Here’s our very official ‘5-Step Framework’ for working together: 

  1. We all make a cuppa and get comfy, before jumping on our call either by Skype or phone.

  2. An hour (or more) flies by.

  3. You’ll feel like we’ve known each other for yonks afterwards.

  4. You then go on to have an immensely rewarding week of implementing some of your fantastic ideas (be warned - there are gonna be PLENTY).

  5. We celebrate everything you’ve done, and then we do it all again. Huzzah!!


And very soon, 4 months has passed… And you look back on those weekly triumphs all added together, and can’t believe how different your life looks...


... Nor how great you feel (about pretty much everything!)...

... Not to mention how easy it all was (Dare we say, even fun?!)

SO - who’s up for sacking off the stress, overwhelm and uncertainty for confidence, direction and joy?!


'Glow' - Our 4 month Signature Coaching Programme Breakdown

  • 12 weeks of 60-90min sessions (1 per week) over phone/Skype

  • Specialist ‘Core Values’ strategy session in week 2

  • Two additional implementation weeks weaved into the programme for reflection, action and feedback

  • Resources

  • Email support throughout

  • 90 minute follow up session in month 4 for lasting change



Interest-free monthly payment plan options available (please get in touch!)


How will this coaching help me, in my life?


During our 4 months together, you can expect:

  • To get total clarity around the things you really want (it might even surprise you!)

  • To figure out how you go about getting them - but in your own way

  • To discover next-level confidence in yourself

  • To understand yourself better; the way you work, and how you can remain in your ‘best-self zone’ in the future

  • To get rid of any habits, ‘stories’ or behaviours that no longer serve you…

  • And replace them with brand new ones - which actually work!

  • To turn all this thinking into actually doing - with us supporting you, every step

  • The harmonious balance of gentle hand-holding with supportive, tough-love arse-kicking! (We know how much potential you have, you see!)

  • Top strategies to help you structure your plans, progression and life, after our work together has come to an end


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 What are other people saying about our Glow Programme?  

Individual Core Values strategy Session

Spend two hours with us digging deep on your innermost core values. If you've been feeling a bit out-of-sorts in yourself lately; like things just aren't lining up... This can be because we’ve disconnected (or perhaps never truly connected!) to our innermost core values.

But knowing our core values is essential!

This is what we want to build our lives and futures around; and to feel confident about our decisions and the steps we are taking to move forwards. When we aren't sure of what truly matters the most to us, then everything feels like bloody hard work rather than just ‘flowing’ happily! 

These transformational sessions have seen our clients make massive life-changes and decisions in just a couple of hours, based on getting truly aligned with their innermost values.

This single session is available to buy as a gift for others, and is also included automatically within our Glow programme. 


We know it can be a bit nerve-wracking if all of this is new to you and you're just not sure of your next-best-step to take. This is why we recommend booking your free 60 minute life coaching discovery call first, by clicking here for a time to suit you. We don't bite. <3

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