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AH, 26, Charity Project Manager and Trainee Life Coach

I just want to say a huge huge thank you for all of your support over the last 5 months. I have been on a life transforming journey and it would not have been possible without both of you. Whenever I talk to my friends/family about my coaching sessions with the both of you I say 'they absolutely champion me, challenge my negative thinking and make me feel like my options are limitless' - so thank you for this gift! You have also both made me feel so excited about being able to give this gift to others one day, and if I can do it half as well as Team Jen&Lydia I will be very happy!


LW, 29, Specialist Nurse

"I can honestly say hand on heart that Jen and Lydia have changed my life. They are two incredibly passionate, hilarious and insightful women who can open up a new potential for your life which you didn't know even existed.

Since working with them I have started a great journey to understand myself more and be happier as a result. After speaking with them both, I was really excited and keen to learn more - they were so passionate, funny and deeply caring about helping others I found it infectious.

Just beginning to recognise my negative thoughts was a great step. Then one day some amazing conversations and the ‘core values’’ exercise opened up a whole new understanding for me. I suddenly realised a) that wall was there b) what it was made of and c) what I needed to do to knock it down. Since then I kicked a great big hole in that wall and it has fallen... there's still some rubble there to keep pushing through, but I now believe that I am worth all this effort.

As a result I am just lighter in myself. I enjoy myself more, I take more pleasure from whatever I'm doing because I'm doing it for me and am losing that self consciousness. I feel more confident in myself and the decisions I make.

The thing that makes it work so well is their connection together, which makes being in their company so comfortable yet utterly inspiring! Then there’s their unfailing passion for helping other people not only reach their potential but to feel happier and bring that sense of contentment."


SH, 33, Mindfulness Teacher

"I would whole-heartedly recommend Lydia and Jen’s coaching service to anyone who is ready to make changes in their life but just needs a little extra encouragement. I can honestly say I LOVED our sessions, they were a real highlight of my week. As well as talking about the ‘serious’ stuff we had such a giggle, and I really felt like I could be totally honest with them. It was like a little positivity boost each week, or having my own personal cheerleaders! (but really smart, funny, talented cheerleaders!) They are both incredibly passionate about what they do and it’s infectious!

We met on a free workshop Lydia and Jen were running about Stepping out of your Comfort Zone. I found it really inspiring, and felt like they were both talking from their own experience – not just lecturing. I was so fired up just from that workshop that I decided to start an informal meditation group for my friends – something I’d been thinking about for ages but kept putting off. I felt like if I’ve made this big step just after going to their workshop, I wonder what I could achieve if I actually worked one-to-one with them? I had already made some big changes in my life – leaving a job that was becoming too much for me & starting to train to become a Mindfulness teacher – so it felt like a good time to give myself that extra boost and encouragement. I was quite hesitant to spend what was to me a large amount of money, but it turned out to be such a great investment, I’m so glad I did!

I was really nervous before our first phone call. I remember feeling like I was just blabbering and wondering how anyone could make sense of it all but Lydia and Jen seemed to ‘get’ what I was saying, understood where I was coming from and were genuinely excited by the possibilities in my future.

I have made some real practical steps forward in both my personal and professional life. For example I just ran a Mindfulness workshop for 18 people! Something I have never done before! It felt great to say ‘yes’ to the opportunity when it was offered to me and feel confident in my ability to make it happen. When I was reflecting back on how it had gone I noticed that where I used to immediately focus on all the things I could have done better, this time I was able to praise myself for what had gone well too, and reframe the ‘mistakes’ as learning opportunities.

I guess I just feel a bit braver now, and more willing to keep edging my way out of my comfort zone in order to keep developing and growing, even if it’s a bit awkward or scary.

I feel like I now have a much more optimistic and ‘can-do’ attitude towards my goals and ambitions. I can now picture where I want to be and how I can achieve that; it doesn’t feel so far out of reach. I know there will still be setbacks and days when it’s hard going but having ‘practised’ how to deal with this with Jen and Lydia’s help, I don’t think it will take me so long to bounce back and get back into my flow again.

I think one of the biggest benefits for me (a serial procrastinator) was having someone to hold me accountable to achieving my goals each week. At first I was a bit scared and thought I might get ‘told off’ if I didn’t get things done in time, but it wasn’t like that at all! It meant that tasks that would have normally dragged on and on just got done!

I really enjoyed talking about the reasons why I might be putting off doing things, and exploring some of my unconscious blocks and fears, particularly around my health. Although fully recovering from my chronic pain will be a long-term thing for me, I’ve made some big steps towards prioritising my health since we started working together.

Jen and Lydia - I have loved working with you so much! I really value your honesty, humour and expertise. I really felt like you believed in me and genuinely wanted me to succeed.

I’m so glad I decided to work with you, and I know the skills and positive attitude you have nurtured and encouraged in me will continue to benefit me over the months and years ahead."


PO, 28, Artist and Creativity Podcaster

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jen & Lyd for an incredible coaching session recently. We uncovered so many of the obstacles that were holding me back and most importantly steps to overcome them were tailored to me not just generic advice.

They really listened and read between the lines, echoing what I felt but wouldn’t admit even to myself. I couldn’t recommend these ladies enough.  

I have spent most of the day dwelling on negative emotions and after just 1 hour with them I feel fully motivated and ready to take on the world. I have already actioned some of the points and look forward to tackling some of the biggest ones tomorrow. There is no stopping me now.

 If you are feeling stuck or not sure if coaching would be for you, it is! I strongly believe everyone on the planet would benefit from a chat with these two. Thoroughly recommended.

Thank you both - I’ll do you proud!"


TJ, 35, Playgroup Founder & Stay At Home Mum

"I’ve been searching for ages for what my big project for 2017 is, and now, not only am I clear about that, but I have a great set of next steps and a timescale for how to get there. I feel totally energised and determined and CLEAR!

Thanks so much ladies, you’re amazing."

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“I enjoyed every single aspect of the workshop. It is simply the most productive two hours I have ever spent. Jen & Lydia bounce off each other so well and make the session fun and informative. Jen & Lydia need to come back and do a whole day’s session. They are absolutely ridiculously fantastic!” - KL, London

“I have enjoyed the speaking as it has opened up my mind and I feel I can achieve what I desire. These workshops should be mandatory!” - SL, London

“Thank you for helping me to set a goal. That I will achieve! It may take a while but I am determined to do it.” - AB, London

“Thank you both for an informative, exciting, encouraging & fantastic workshop - I loved your energy, so glad I signed up to it & look forward to seeing you both again - you crammed so much in 2 hours! Amazing!” - HC, London

“Really engaging workshop which makes it feel like impossible dreams can become a reality. I feel really motivated to allow myself to move forwards.” - SW, Surrey

“I leave their workshops armed with a variety of practical techniques and useful that can be incorporated into my day to day life and importantly - I find solace and inspiration in simply being in such a wonderful space. I strongly believe that there is so much value in being able to connect with other women who are experiencing similar challenges but also all have different stories to tell and Lydia and Jen’s workshops do an excellent job of providing this space. And it is Lydia and Jen’s energy, positivity, humility and openness that enables such a warm, inviting and safe space to develop.” - BM, Oxford 

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