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“But we’re just not the kind of people who could set up our own business…”


We are Lydia and Jen.

Best friends, civil partners and business partners, too (yes, it’s all a little bit sickening, really… We’re a bit like some bizarre, lesbian version of Ant & Dec).

Licence to Live is a life-coaching service for women who, deep down, passionately NEED to feel really lit-up about their lives, themselves and their futures…. Even if, right now, they feel pretty lost.

No more drifting along.

No more spiralling self-doubt.

No more burn out.

No more soul-destroying boredom.

No more wandering aimlessly.

Just ease, confidence and joy in the happy knowledge that you’re giving your very best; and also getting the very best, out of your life.


Because we know exactly how it feels when this isn’t your reality.


And the worst part (in our experience), is when you start believing that it isn’t just something you’re going through… But that it’s actually who you are.


We need to jump in and say - urgently! - that you don’t have to wait until you’re completely and utterly burnt out, depleted and done-in before you can start seeing positive, exciting changes happen your life.  

And the truth is - it doesn’t have to be difficult, either! (MIC DROP).


Let’s rewind the clock a little bit.


Did you read the statement at the top of the page?!

Yep. This little sentence left our mouths approximately 13901 times, up until a couple of years ago… And we didn’t even QUESTION if it was actually true.

This was just one of the many ‘stories’ we had built up over the years about ourselves… So it didn’t even occur to us to challenge it! (Honestly - we still face-palm over this on a daily basis).

You see, both of us are really good ‘should-ers’ (not to be mistaken with your upper arm/back area).

For our whole lives, we have been excellent at following different sets of rules about what we ‘should’ be doing. Chasing milestones; being a good grown-up (whatever that looks like), climbing ladders… Doing what we believed was expected of us and, quite honestly - what we had learned to expect of ourselves.

But something just wasn’t working.

Those ‘shoulds’ weren’t delivering what we’d been expecting, in return.


And it was all so incredibly frustrating and confusing… Because, surely, we were doing everything right... Right? 


Yet, fulfilment was totally lacking.

Way too many bottles of Sauvignon were being polished off after a ‘bad day.’

We were living, numbly, on autopilot.

Burnout was taking over our lives…

... And living in a state of stressed exhaustion left us totally clueless as to how the hell we could get ourselves out of this pickle.

Finally, after months of trying to blindly figure it all out… We realised we’d missed the obvious solution which usually helps most people!




To just bloody let go of trying to do it all by ourselves (because, you know - we ‘should’...) and just ASK for help, from the right sources!

 And so, we did.

We tried new things; discovered coaches and mentors who could help us, and met a some of the most brilliant people, who have since become life-long friends.

We invested in ourselves in every sense - choosing to put our time and energy into exploring new avenues, and beefing up our confidence to go after what we really wanted (once we’d figured it all out).  


Surely enough, the world opened back up again.


And, would you believe it; our stubborn story about running our own beloved business (which had been our lifelong dream!) totally disappeared.

Fast forward a couple of years; a few qualifications, a whole load of learning and an unmeasurable amount of hilarious experiences… And here we are! 

(We still polish off a fair bit of vino, but let’s just say it isn’t our no.1 coping strategy anymore...).

In 2016 alone, we had the privilege of helping over 350 women make amazing life-changes through our coaching, workshops and events.


So… What’s brought you here?


It might be that you’re looking for a new venture, in which you can take a totally new direction in your life.

It might be that you’re stuck, totally clueless about what you want to happen next.

It might just be that things simply aren’t enough for you, as they stand right now... And you’re finally done with waiting for things to change by themselves (which, inevitably - they don’t).  

Or it might be a combination of many things!

And that’s why there is no point in just telling you that we are only interested in helping you find ‘dream career’ clarity; or working on your inner confidence, or exploring your beliefs about the kind of relationship you deserve... (or any other singular aspect, for that matter!).


 Because all of it matters in making YOU happy.


And all of that matters to us.

So... There is nothing we leave out of your coaching journey, if it’s going to get you to where you need - and deserve - to be. 


Working Together